Award-winning PrimeXBT platform expands in Latin America

As PrimeXBT continues to make a name for itself through word of mouth from major retailers. Gaining additional recognition by taking home prestigious awards, it has quickly spread throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Apparently, PrimeXBT is now looking to bet on Latin America.

Recently, the company posted multiple job openings in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. This appears to be an aggressive expansion into Latin America: its next stop on its global domination tour.

Interest in Bitcoin and traditional market trading is growing in Latin America
Latin America has experienced explosive growth in interest in cryptosystems such as Bitcoin, as well as increased demand for exposure to traditional assets such as gold, oil, stock indices and more. It appears that the company’s strategy is to capitalize on this growing interest in trading and capture market share in the thriving region.

The timing makes sense. PrimeXBT has seen record trading volume since volatility returned to traditional markets in mid-March. More traders than ever before are turning to PrimeXBT because of its wide range of over 50 instruments. Meanwhile, there has been a huge increase in interest in both Bitcoin and traditional trading in Latin America.

More Latin American traders have switched from crypto currencies

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to traditional markets since the Black Thursday market crash in mid-March. But interest in Bitcoin is also gaining strength, as shown in the table below. Highlighting the growth in trading volume at LocalBitcoins peer-to-peer exchange.
However, traders in Latin America have lacked a Bitcoin-based trading platform that offers crypto-currencies in addition to the traditional assets they could rely on, until now.

Working lists point to PrimeXBT’s global expansion in Latin America

PrimeXBT is an ADVFN award-winning trading platform, which is open worldwide to all traders. These new listings mean that marketing, social networking and a strong campaign could soon generate awareness in Latin America, starting with Brazil and Argentina.

Job postings to recruit customer service representatives, who speak your native language, for your 24/7 live chat team add credibility to the theory.

A similar pattern was observed before the platform grew in strength in other regions. First, rumors start to spread, then work lists appear. Next, traders throughout Latin America will share their NLP and reference links as forest fires if the cycle repeats itself.