GALA Crypto Price Surge: 250% Increase After New Developments

• Gala crypto price has surged by over 250% from the lowest point in December.
• The surge is attributed to a deal with The Rock to produce two films, introduction of mobile gaming in the ecosystem and a new pay by burn approach.
• The pay by burn approach will see all purchases made with the GALA token get burned and added to an emissions pool.

GALA crypto price has been on a steady rise since the start of 2023, and recently surged to a high of $0.054 which was about 250% from its lowest point in December. There are various reasons why the GALA token price has surged so much, and the main three are outlined below.

Firstly, the developers of GALA announced a deal that will see the network partner with The Rock to produce two films. The Rock is one of the most famous actors in the industry and has starred in some of the top-selling movies of all time. However, soon after the announcement, the tweet was deleted without any explanation.

Secondly, the developers also announced that they are incorporating mobile gaming into their ecosystem. This means that developers will be able to create games that can be downloaded on Android and iOS stores, giving them access to a huge market as there are currently over 5 billion smartphone users globally.

Finally, the most recent reason why the GALA token has surged is the new introduction of the pay by burn approach. This means that all purchases made in GALA’s ecosystem using the GALA token will see it get burned. The burned GALA tokens will then be added to an emissions pool to be re-distributed to the users of the network.

Overall, the GALA crypto price has risen significantly in the past few weeks due to the various developments made by the developers of the network. The deal with The Rock, the introduction of mobile gaming on the platform and the pay by burn approach have all contributed to the surge in price. This is likely to increase even further as more developments are made to the network.