Metacade: Play & Earn in the Biggest Online Arcade in the World!

• Metacade is a P2E gaming pioneer that seeks to become the world’s biggest online arcade.
• Investors are becoming increasingly excited about the potential of the platform due to its expansive virtual worlds and integrated play-to-earn mechanisms.
• The MCADE token presale has raised $7.6m in just 14 weeks, with strong forward momentum, and it is expected that the token will surge in price when it launches across exchanges.

Metacade: A Pioneering Platform for P2E Gaming

The blockchain gaming space is rapidly expanding as more investors turn to the possibilities of the metaverse. Metacade’s plans to become the biggest online arcade in the world are helping this brand-new platform stand out from its competitors. With an expansive range of games and unique earning possibilities for users, Metacade offers some of the best crypto opportunities found in GameFi space.

MCADE Token Presale Success

The recent launch of Metacade’s MCADE token presale event has generated a lot of excitement amongst investors who are eager to capitalize on this new opportunity. In just 14 weeks, Metacade has managed to raise $7.6m in funds through its presale event, showing that there is a strong appetite for this project amongst investors.

GameFi Sector Set To Grow

As blockchain gaming continues to disrupt traditional gaming models, projects like Metacade have great potential for success. The GameFi sector is forecasted to reach a $40 billion valuation by 2025, making now an opportune time for investors interested in capitalizing on this growing market segment. Most existing GameFi titles offer only one type of experience but with its upcoming range of games and additional earning streams outside traditional P2E mechanics, Metacade stands out as something special amongst other blockchain games platforms on offer today.

Strong Demand Predicted For MCADE Token Launch

When MCADE tokens are launched onto centralized and decentralized exchanges at the end of its presale event period, they will be available to all members of the public who wish purchase them – leading to an increase in demand which should result in a significant price rise for MCADE coins over time as word-of-mouth spreads about what makes Metacade so unique within blockchain gaming circles today.


As one can see, there is clearly good reason why investors have been drawn en masse towards investing in both MCADE tokens and also playing on Metcade itself: it offers gamers rich experiences alongside substantial passive income opportunities not found elsewhere within blockchain gaming spaces today – making it well worth keeping an eye out for what looks set to become one of 2023’s most interesting projects!